What is Happy Testing?

Happy Testing is an awesome platform that helps educational institutions manage the creation, delivery and evaluation of examinations.The platform supports both objective and subjective questions and has several significant features like instant delivery of exams, question banks, multiple question papers, multiple levels of evaluation, test history and analytics.

100% Secure

More than 15+ enhanced security features

Your own branded App

Get a 100% customized app for you

100% Automation

Of the end to end examination Process

How does Happy Testing work?

1 — Create the Exams

Using question banks and syllabus, teachers can generate questions papers online within minutes.

2 — Deliver the Exams

The admin can deliver the exams in one click to students who take exams with iPad + Apple Pencil.

3 — Evaluate and Publish Results

Teachers can evaluate the answers using iPad + Apple Pencil and admin publishes the results.

Your Apps Awesome Features

Personalized Branding

Your institute will have its own branded app in iOS Enterprise stores.

100% Automation

From Question creation to exam delivery to evaluation to announcement of results.

Question Banks

Subject wise question banks for all sections help in creation of question papers.

Syllabus Based

Exams can be conducted for any syllabus and portion for the given subject.

Access Controls

Clearly defined roles and access for Admin/CoE, Teachers and Students.

100% Content Security

Content is protected by bank level security and fully encrypted transmissions.

Supports thousands of students

Platform supports realtime semester exams for thousands of students at the same time.

Seamless Evaluation

Teachers can evaluate using the app in realtime with annotations and give marks.

Instant Results Publishing

Results of the exams can be published by the Admin/CoE anytime in just a click.

Examination & evaluation made easy!

Write, annotate seamlessly using Apply pencil

App Supports Content in
30 Languages

Onboard your school, college or an academy now!