What is Happy School?

Happy School is an awesome end to end digital platform that can enable schools, colleges to continue their class activities online. Happy School provides the schools and colleges the facility to continue all the day functions without any disruptions with daily time table for students and teachers, live classes, on demand class, home works, activities, books, class notes, tests, personalized feedback and mentoring.

Simple Setup

Set up your own app in 3 minutes

Your own Branded App

Get a 100% customized app for you

No Disruptions

Continue classes in all situations

How does Happy School work?

1 — Register & Setup

Register and set up online in 3 minutes. We will create the apps, dashboard for you and make it ready.

2 — Create Classes & Timetable

You can create the classes, teachers , students add the timetable for the daily classes and activities

3 — Run your school online

Students and teachers can download the app and start attending classes based on their daily timetable.

Your Apps Awesome Features

Personalized Branding

Your institute will have its own branded app in iOS and Android app stores.

Create Unlimited Courses

You can create any number of classes with the respective contents.

Daily Timetable

Students and teachers will exactly know the schedule for the day.

Live Classes

Students can attend live classes based on time table.

Recorded Classes

The Students can attend the live classes in recorded format also anytime.

100% Content Security

Content is protected by bank level security and fully encrypted transmissions.

Study Anytime Anywhere

Your students can access to your course anytime and from anywhere.

Live Teaching in One Click

Teachers can give lice classes in just a click within the aoo. No hassles or set up.

Books, Notes and Tests

In addition to class videos,the teachers can also share books,notes and tests.

Do You Own a School, College or Academy ?

Take your school, Classes, and ActivitiesOnline within minutes.

App Supports Content in
30 Languages

Onboard your school, college or an academy now!